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You want sustainable on line-success? Then you are visiting the right website! We will not execute measures which might harm you on the long run (though maybe help for some weeks).

SEO-tactics which ignore the Google-guidelines are not advisable for company-websites or online-shops. Give us the chance to explain in detail how we can help to improve your website’s performance!


“Due to the profound know-how and support we received by the team of the SEO-Firma we were able to realize an impressive improvement of our rankings in the search engines.”

5 out of 5 stars by Peter G.

Owner of an online-shop

Why should a company career website be SEO-optimized?

A career website should be SEO-optimized because it increases the visibility and accessibility of the website to potential job seekers. This can lead to more traffic to the website and more job applications. Additionally, a higher search engine ranking can increase...

Wordcamp Sofia 2019 recap #wcsof

Last weekend a part of our team attended the Wordcamp Sofia 2019. We love Wordcamps! And as usual it was great fun and very informative as well. About 400 to 500 WP-enthusiasts gathered at the Tech-Park-Sofia, more precisely in its large John Atanasov auditorium...