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You want sustainable on line-success? Then you are visiting the right website! We will not execute measures which might harm you on the long run (though maybe help for some weeks). SEO-tactics which ignore the Google-guidelines are not advisable for company-websites or online-shops. Give us the chance to explain in detail how we can help to improve your website’s performance!


“Due to the profound know-how and support we received by the team of the SEO-Firma we were able to realize an impressive improvement of our rankings in the search engines.”

5 out of 5 stars by Peter G.
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Link building packages – maybe

Various (smaller) SEO-agencies are offering SEO-packages. They allow you as a client to get for a budget of X a number of Y links of more or less reliable origin. Your advantage: The service “SEO” gets a bit less complex, it seems at least so that it becomes something...

Wordcamp Europe 2014 in Sofia – recap

This year Wordcamp Europe conference took place on 27th and 28th September 2014 in Sofia, Bulgaria. For real! And yes, this is the city in which our SEO Firma is located. Needless to say that some of our team-members took part. WordPress is the CMS that powers already...

SEO still trendy

Search engine optimisation or SEO has established itself as a marketing discipline over the last years. Parallel to the shift of sales from traditional stores to online magazines the interest in SEO consultancy has grown on a constant basis. As the chart shows...