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SEO-optimized web design for any budget

A website should not be just traceable, but also persuasive through its appearance and usability. We suggest how to improve the design of your website, create and implement SEO optimized web design and deliver tailor-made solutions for your company`s website or your store. As a SEO company we place specific value on the website`s find-ability in the search engines, or in other words on the so-called search engine friendliness. Thanks to our long experience we are able to submit quick initial proposals for your sustainable progress. The transition between SEO-web design and our SEO consultancy is fluent.

Web design must be visually convincing

Your visitors get the “first impression” of your website just once. Such a critical success factor as the first impression from your landing page can be measured and analysed through user behaviour. By means of the so called KPIs such as bounce rate, length of stay, number of visited pages etc. you can find out how well your site operates. Even minor changes (e.g. call-to-action button is blue, not grey and occupies bottom right instead of top left position) can sometimes result in a massive improvement in your conversion rate. The final goal is to lead a high percentage of visitors to a conversion, such as a purchase or registering for your newsletter. Our web design activities comply with the latest trends in conversion optimization.

SEO-optimized web development with WordPress

The complete web presence always takes place from the viewpoints described above: we provide a high level of search engine compatibility and pay attention to the optimization of the conversion strength. We normally implement smaller projects with the open source software WordPress (WP). It allows to quickly create websites and maintain them even without advanced computer skills. License fees are not incurred as well. Besides, there are plugins available for almost all imaginable scenarios that enable additional features of the worldwide popular and search engine friendly WordPress-system. Plugins are adjustable to the customer`s needs and it is even possible to program a brand new and customized WordPress plugin.

Which CMS do you prefer?

For a more complex performance we do mobilize a local network of freelancers with different skills. This is how we managed to create SEO-optimized Typo3-projects in the past. In addition, we provide highly customized solutions which can be easily integrated into the work flow. This only confirms the principle that “form follows function”, and depending on the request parameters frameworks such as CodeIgniter, Ruby on Rails, jQuery, Tornado and many more are called into action. Due to our location Bulgaria we are able to offer these services at an attractive price-performance ratio. And yes, we can also deliver plain HTML pages that do not need regular editorial attention and thus do not require CMS.

Contact us now! Affordable web design “Made in Bulgaria”.

Does this sound interesting to you? As nearshoring providers from Bulgaria, we deliver quality at unrivalled prices. Want to learn more and view relevant references? Or simply get a no obligation quote? Do not hesitate further – we are looking forward to your inquiry!