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Lead generation on the Internet

A lead is a qualified prospect who is interested in a company or a product and provides the advertisers with their own contact information for a further dialogue. Generating high-quality leads is essential for the successful acquisition of new customers. We can actively generate leads by inquiring the interest of the target person in a particular product.

This can be done through a telephone cold calling, a raffle or a simple survey. Although the generated addresses indicate a latent interest, the quality of the leads generated in this way is not always convincing. Clearly more valuable are addresses of people who have become active themselves and have shown a particular interest in a product.

The Internet has evolved into number one source of information. Before undertaking any major investment consumers carry out an online research to get an overview of the relevant market. The result is: only those who are present and can be found on the internet, can actually reach their potential target groups. And this is where we would like to assist you!

banner 3 dUse the chances to get qualified leads

Some examples in which lead generation on the Internet is interesting:

  • Who wants to take out a private health insurance?
  • Who is interested in real estate financing?
  • Who is searching for a hotel with a wellness offer for a short holiday?

The skilful combination of visitor channels allows to generate targeted leads in a certain region. Such leads are interesting only for companies located in the region of interested parties. Some examples here as well:

  • Who wants to sell their car?
  • Who is searching for a fitness studio close to their place of residence?
  • Who is searching for a restaurant for their family celebration?

Urlaub in Sozopol

Urlaub in Sozopol

Don’t hesitate! Get active with high-quality online leads!

As you can see, the scenarios extend across all industries. Although the examples concerned mainly B2C relations, lead generation can also be used among companies (B2B) in order to gain new commercial customers. We would be happy to discuss with you whether a lead generation makes sense for your case and which approach would be most suitable. This can be done by creating your own micro website, which is then supplied with target-leading traffic. A collaboration with established comparison portals may also be the way in which we can assist you with advice.
We are looking forward to your lead, pardon, your inquiry!