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SEO consultancy how we do it

Search engine optimization means first of all: transfer of knowledge. As such, the quality of a SEO-consultation is crucial, whereas in many cases the realization is relatively easy to execute. A typical SEO-consultation can be divided into two areas:

  • Strategic consultation (status quo – SEO audit, definition of targets, analysis of your main competitors)
  • Practical approach (estimation of potential gains and costs for certain measures through different traffic channels,estimation of visits, keyword research)

In ideal, we should support you with our services before the launch of a website. This would allow us to avoid typical mistakes – most of them can be solved later, but it will take much more effort then. In reality however, most of our clients already have a working website or on-line shop but are not happy with its performance. Due to our several years of experience we are in most cases able to identify ways how to optimize your website and to achieve first results in a relatively short time-period.