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Search Engine Optimization

The classic approach of SEO starts on-page: We will examine your website from an SEO point-of-view and execute a profound SEO site audit with one of our consultants who will discuss the results with you in plain English over the phone. This does not mean that we limit ourselves on tags and keywords, we will run a holistic examination and also cover aspects such as user-friendliness. As a matter of fact all this will also be written down and can be a valuable information for your future online activities as you can use it as your very own SEO-benchmark.

Search engine optimization – where content is king!

The creation of high-value content for your website is the best way to attract links which will help you to achieve higher rankings in the search engines. The content should be made accessible to the crawlers of Google and Bing, because even nowadays many websites do not fulfil this elementary requisite. To understand which content promises the most visitors we will establish a content strategy for your project for which we will use, among others, the results of our keyword research. We do not optimizes for search engines, we get your website on a top-position within the search engines for the important phrases that will accelerate the interaction of visitors with your site, generate leads and at the end of the day stimulate your turnover.