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Web Analytics

Keep an eye on your website

How does one understand the term web analytics? According to a definition of the Web Analytics Association (WAA) Web Analytics means “measurement, gathering, analysis and evaluation of Internet data in order to understand and optimize web usage.” In the English language two more technical terms, covering related areas, are set aside: Web Measurement (the actual data processing) and Web Controlling (comparison of data with specified values).

Objectives of web analytics

Timo Aden quotes on page 14 of his book „Google Analytics – Implement, Interpret, Profit“ following actions that can be derived from an analysis of visitor behavior on a website:

  • Improving of the navigation
  • Optimization of online marketing campaigns
  • Indirect success measurement of offline campaigns
  • Improving of order and register processes
  • Detecting problem areas within a site
  • Preparation of possible test scenarios
  • Website adjustment to the technical equipment of the user

And he puts it very clearly: „The added value of web analytics is gained not from the implementation of a tool, but from the derivation of actions and their consequent implementation.“ It can also be said: website operators who ignore web analytics drive a car blindfolded. Depending on the scenario, it is to consider how far one should go into the matter. Since small websites can only have small numbers of visitors, just some basic values are measurable (otherwise there is no statistical significance). However, at least the traffic sources should be analyzed and the analysis of visitor behaviour is also suitable to identify error pages (such as 404 error) and to take appropriate action.

What web analytics software is recommended?

Market leader in Germany and world-wide is clearly Google Analytics. Not only because its basic version is free, but also because the software is compatible with many other Google services like Google Adwords, Google Adsense or Google Webmaster Tools – which significantly enhances the everyday utility. In addition, the Google Analytics software is so advanced and allows so diverse customizations that there is nothing more to be desired. One disadvantage is that the data is stored on Google’s computers abroad, so the users lose control over their own data. This is negative not just in the aspect of data protection. Continue to the official website of Google Analytics An open-source software, although with not that many functionalities as Google Analytics, has caught up significantly in recent years and it is called Piwik. In this case the user data remains within reach of the website operators, which means it is not hosted abroad. Thanks to its extensive API, Piwik offers the possibility to import data for further processing. Continue to the official website of Piwik – the open analytics platform We from the SEO-Firma will be happy to advise you in terms of Web Analytics

  • We assist you in the selection of a suitable web analytics software and integrate it into your websites.
  • We work together to define business-related KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), by means of which we can measure the success of taken actions.
  • Informative dashboards and reports which are aimed at knowledge of relevant employees will simplify your work with the software
  • Of course, the SEO-dimension should not be ignored as well – we measure success in traffic generation and can detect which channels get visitors and conversions and which do not

So let’s get in contact to discuss opportunities for your web analytics!