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Social Media

Become visibale in the social networks

The concept social media – admittedly somewhat vague – has no direct connection to search engine optimization. An indirect connection, however, is certainly to be found: the website references in social networks often result in the voluntary link building. And link building is still the most effective tool for achieving satisfactory organic rankings of a website. The creation of high quality content and seeding (which means interacting with the target group in social networks and initiating an own dynamic, so that the contents get distributed “virally”) on networks like Facebook, Xing, etc. will sooner or later lead to links and thereby improve the rankings. Therefore, link building through social media is gaining importance and becoming more and more popular.

Social media signals have implications for SERPs

However, search engines like Google take into account the emergence of URLs or brands in the social networks when calculating the SERPs. Through Google+ the recommendations from friends, who are connected with you, are directly incorporated into the rankings. The SERPs, which means the results pages displayed by the search engine for each query, are increasingly individualized. Finally, we offer monitoring and evaluation of social media, in order to observe the success of the measures taken (online and offline) as well as the general market developments.

Metrics for social media campaigns

In addition, social media campaigns make sense also detached from the SEO background. The things that most companies strive for through their social media activities are branding effect and customer loyalty. In addition, by a structured evaluation we are able to gain information and even keep our competitors in sight. The actual customer acquisition is also important although not that primary. In order to evaluate the success of our own efforts, here is a selection of common metrics which should be monitored and we can visualize in a scoreboard if necessary:

  • Fans / followers growth, etc. in the respective networks
  • Generated sales through social commerce
  • How much feedback is achieved (in relation to posts, tweets, etc)
  • Tonality in the net – here we need a manual check, supported by tools that recognize trends
  • How many customer reviews (per product / unit time)
  • “Talking about” – rate