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Online Reputation

Who does not want a good online reputation nowadays?

The Internet has become the most important source of information. It has never been easier to find out about a company, a brand or a person just in a few seconds. As we are aware, public perception is a critical factor for a company’s success or the credibility of a person and this credibility nowadays is increasingly determined online.

The World Wide Web is no longer used simply for browsing information. The exchange of opinions and references is gradually occupying the social networks, review platforms, forums and blogs. Still being regarded as something anonymous, the Internet is a frequent precondition for insults as well as for spreading false information.

Keeping an eye on your brand

Many Internet users are not able to determine whether a website is trustworthy or not and how far they could rely on the information which they come across online. Hence, it is becoming ever more important to constantly keep an eye on our own online reputation. We support our clients with the so called Online Reputation Monitoring. By using a specially developed software we convey regular online researches in the relevant search engines and social networks – by keywords such as personal, brand or company names.

As negative entries and comments are likely to spread faster, it is important that the affected people, companies or right-holders undertake targeted and thoughtful actions. And they should do it in a timely manner! We ensure this happens thanks to the combination of technical routines and trained staff.

Taking action to protect your online reputation

As a next step we respond to adverse and harmful information by means of targeted countermeasures. As part of the online reputation management the identified problem contents can be deleted by contacting the respective site operators. If this is not possible, we take technical measures (such as search engine optimization) in order to minimize the visibility of this content. In addition, through editorial activity and positive PR we manage to reduce the effectiveness of negative content. In the case of criminal offences, such as libel, we document the facts and circumstances so that you can take legal action.