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This year Wordcamp Europe conference took place on 27th and 28th September 2014 in Sofia, Bulgaria. For real! And yes, this is the city in which our SEO Firma is located. Needless to say that some of our team-members took part. WordPress is the CMS that powers already millions of websites and is in sheer numbers the most popular system on the planet so far. And seen from a SEO perspective, WordPress has several advantages, e.g. being very accessible for search engines.

WordPress-Community goes Sofia

Europe’s WordPress-scene, but also many Americans shared their thoughts on the latest trends for two full days. As a matter of fact, also SEO topics were on the agenda, but not the main part to be honest.

However, a CMS with a global market-share of 23,1 percent is for everyone dealing with online marketing an important product on which one should stay informed (even if you would not use it by yourself or with clients which is highly unlikely) .

Here some impressions of the event:

Matt Mullenweg auf der Wordcamp Europe 2014

Matt Mullenweg on Wordcamp Europe 2014

Joost talking about his SEO-Plugin

Joost talking about his SEO-Plugin

For further information: A German-language Recap of Wordcamp Europe 2014 Konferenz in Sofia, Bulgaria. Lessons learned (in short:  WordPress is growing and growing. Theme- and plugin-production has become a real industry, beside of hosting providers which are more and more offering WP-specific solutions. WordPress gets more international, too – having reached the point of more non-English than English downloads. And the next step on the roadmap is to make it more accessible for mobile devices, in particular the need of supporting touch-technologies.