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Various (smaller) SEO-agencies are offering SEO-packages. They allow you as a client to get for a budget of X a number of Y links of more or less reliable origin. Your advantage: The service “SEO” gets a bit less complex, it seems at least so that it becomes something you can buy in a quantity you fancy. Since many SEO-agencies are working on a basis of monthly fees, the package-approach promises to get you a better understanding of where your money is spend for.

Search engine optimization “on the go”?

But does that really make sense? Aren’t the scenarios too diverse to cover them with a plain SEO-package for, say, € 199,-? We believe, that such service-bundles which are delivered without any additional consulting services, are interesting only for two types of clients:

  • For very advanced website-owners who know exactly what they do and what they need. They have no need for additional know-how.
  • For website design agencies and SEO agencies that want to outsource some services to avoid building up their own structures in that field – for whatever reason (hey do not know if they can keep their additional staff busy enough, or because they simply want to safe costs and outsource to Eastern Europe, and so on)

For all others: You should not try to safe the money for a solid SEO consultancy at the first place. We know what we are talking about here. And maybe you will find out after a quality counsel that you can reach your targets without any link building at all!

Customized SEO-packages

We are willing and more than happy to bundle SEO-packages for both groups described above. Here we are talking about link building, maybe with some additional training on top to support the end-client in activating its already existing link building-competence amongst their team-members and to get them to a higher level. But to sort this out, we need some input about what the client is expecting – and having this information, we are willing to develop a scalable proposal that fits your needs.