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Actually most of the things are a matter of negotiation…

But our experience as a SEO company shows that for so-called “standard customers” the appropriate duration of the contract for website optimization is about 6 months. What kind of SEO services could be expected for this period of time and why does a customer need such a contract length?

SEO as a service

Search Engine Optimization is a service closely related to the development of science. For a SEO-company it is not enough to keep up with modern technology and to systematically educate their employees. It is also necessary to understand and analyse the business concept of its client. SEO consultancy is not mass market product which could be ordered just with the click of your mouse (although some SEO providers might have such a suggestion).

During the first week it is essential to communicate with people from the client site in order to gain vision about the competition. As a result, an optimization strategy is being developed and the future concept written down. The latter can and should be used by our client after completion of their collaboration with us. As a rule, the actual optimization begins in the second month with a page rank analysis. This is also when professional link-building and development starts, on a slower or faster basis, depending on the schedule.

The effectiveness of the SEO activities is being systematically monitored: Is there any impact on the visitors flow and does the visitors` behaviour change in some way? Is there a noticeable change in the ranking? Sometimes the negative side effects of targeted SEO-measures may lead to the conclusion that the approach needs to be adapted.

 What can the SEO Firma achieve for six months?

The time factor is an important part of the algorithm of a search engine like Google or Bing. It generates SERPs for user searches. Certain measures become active with a time lag in order to deter ranking manipulation, so they are difficult to remove. The positive impact lasts for weeks, however some links and certain On-Page measures unfold their effect only after months.

Our experience shows: Six months are necessary until the client’s website achieves a higher page rank, the created hyperlinks in social media start to bear fruit, and the team work between client and SEO Firma has been established. In case that after this time period there are still communication difficulties and any doubts concerning the optimization effectiveness arise, it is a matter of mutual interest to suspend cooperation. Of course for some customers the achievements so far may already be sufficient so they see no point in further cooperation, or they might have simply decided to significantly reduce their monthly budget.

As stated at the beginning, it is all a matter of arrangements but the contract is normally terminated after six months. If a particular objective can be fulfilled in several small steps, then you can either make a single payment or we can provide this service gratis, since issuing an invoice does not make much sense.