Time for a Content-Marketing-strategy

…because content is king!

Content marketing is an online marketing sub-field, which is currently experiencing its biggest hype so far. This term refers to the generation of quality content and its distribution. The main objective of content marketing is to generate new contacts as a source for attracting new potential customers. We should also add the aspect of customer loyalty since users can get further encouraged in their fidelity or become active regarding certain contents. The focus of content marketing is not the spread of clumsy advertising messages, but the target-group-oriented communication of informative and helpful content. This would ideally have such a readability that it can spread automatically and arouse a spontaneous viral effect. Crucial for this purpose are the added value and relevance of our content because this is how content marketing works.

Various ways to attract with quality content

Appealing content could be created in many forms: text, images, videos, graphics, audio files – basically all the senses can and should be involved. Online content can be considered efficient as long as it attracts your website guests to spend longer time, browsing through your inner web pages. The everyday “information overload” which users are exposed to, often means that content is being just “skimmed and scanned”, even if it is of very good quality. Therefore: create content with added value, using various and interrelated content tactics! The possibilities for such content tactics are virtually unlimited. Blog posts and newsletters count as the “classic” tools, infographics are also enjoying a growing popularity. High-quality eBooks and white papers always have a positive impact, and there are a number of other options. One’s business approach can be continuously analyzed and optimized by means of a targeted strategic planning and the definition of the KPIs that we want to achieve.

Outreach: How to distribute your content

With regard to this input additional content is being created and afterwards distributed to existing and potential consumers via the appropriate communication channels. The intersections of content, social media and search engine optimization are floating. The created content is then being linked (Linkbuilding) and shared (Social-SEO). In terms of SEO, this results in important signals that have a direct impact on rankings in the search engines. Last but not least, it is important to utilize the synergy effects between the separate online marketing disciplines.